Designing Nigerian Traditional Wedding

Nigerian Traditional Wedding

Nigerian traditional wedding has a unique design. It has been already known that every country has their own wedding culture. The culture is very different each other. When we are talking about the wedding of Nigerian traditional, it will look very attractive. The wedding of the Nigerian traditional has special in some ways. There are a nice decoration and ceremony. They will be described in the following.

How to Design Nigerian Traditional Wedding?

The wedding of Nigerian traditional is very attractive. It has an improvement of the wedding design. The wedding design improvement can be seen from the decoration and the outfits. For example, the wedding decoration of this Nigerian traditional is including beautiful flowers, chuptazs, great laser cut for the couples stage, unique leaf cage, paper floral decor great mood lighting, and etc.

How Nigerian Wedding Ceremony?

When the Nigerian has the wedding ceremony, this event is usually provided by the wife’s family. When the groom and his entourage come to the bride’s house, they are lying with the face down and arms stretched out to his parents, so does the bride. It is used to ask for blessing.  The bride enters the dais with veiling. The bride opens the dowry and the groom put a ring to her.

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