Fairy Concept for Cute Bridesmaid Dresses

cute bridesmaid dresses

Cute bridesmaid dresses with the concept of fairy will make you feel like the fairy which blessed your friend’s wedding. Bridesmaids are usually dressed simple and using the neutral color. But, you might have to try the new thing to become the trendsetter of the bridesmaid dress. You can try to make your bridesmaid dress with the concept of cute fairy in wonderland.

Tinker Bell Dress for TheCute Bridesmaid Dresses

Do you know tinker bell? Every girl will know this famous fairy cartoon character. Tinker bell has the cute dress with the color of fresh green. The design of the tinker bell’s dress is so cute. You can try to use this design for your bridesmaid dress. If this dress is too short, you can do some changes such as make the dress longer and give the sparkling ornaments for the dress. Make the dress without sleeve and give the touch of the layers for the bottom part will make you looks like the real fairy.

Complete The Fairy Concept With The Make Up

In addition to make your appearance perfect, you can do some make up and styling your hair. For make up, you can use the sparkling green for the eye-shadow and the red lipstick. For the hairstyle, you can do the small updo.

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