Flip flops for wedding as the souvenir

Flip-flops for wedding are one example souvenir given by the bride and the groom to the guests who come to their wedding. If you held the wedding, you cannot only think about the decoration for your wedding, the food, the dress, and the venue too. It is not the end on this activity. You have to prepare the souvenir too.

Flip flops for wedding as the souvenir

What the souvenir is for? It is as your give-thanks to the guest who come to your event. For the wedding, the souvenir is important because your guest will feel that you appreciated them. even sometimes the flip flop is like you break their mood because you only give them the flip flop, not with something excellent and expensive but some people feel it unique and strange, or you may use the flip flop to make the guest will not forget your wedding which they came.

The problem with Flip-flops for wedding

Flip-flop is a cheap thing to use as the souvenir in your wedding because sometimes the couple gives them expensive souvenir. However, you can make this inexpensive flip flop to be expensive you only need to create this and that and the flip-flop become interesting. You can create the decoration on that souvenir for example uses the ribbon and wrap it in nice paper.

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