How To Choose Wedding Shower Cakes Well

How To Choose Wedding Shower Cakes Well

Wedding shower cakes are essential in a wedding. Although there are many of food and cakes but it felt would not be complete without a wedding cake. Nowadays, there is a lot of wedding cake which is very diverse, it makes a lot of couples who will get married confuse in choosing the wedding cake for their wedding.

How to choose the wedding shower cake?

Amid the variant of wedding cakes are very diverse, you must be smart in choosing. The ways you should do is: First, Find the cake that matches with your wedding’s theme. For example; if your wedding theme is a garden party, choose a cake which is decorated with fruits or berries such as strawberries, oranges, or apples. Then, Adjust the size of the cake, if your wedding was only attended by closest people and    there are not too much guest, you should not choose the cake with a very large size. Consider the price and quality of the cake.

Things you have to avoid in choosing a cake.

In choosing a wedding cake there are some things that you should be avoided, such as do not choose a cake with very bright colors and striking because it will reduce the classic impression of a wedding. Also avoid choosing the cake that has a lot of ornament or decoration. Because for the ideal wedding cake is usually simple but elegant.

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