Purple Homecoming Dresses for One-Day Royal

purple homecoming dresses under 50

Purple homecoming dresses are thee feminine and elegant choice to stand. You might look forward to the homecoming party and get confused of the dress to wear. Why don’t you pick purple as your color? Besides the popularity of mystery, purple stated as a luxurious and glamorous color. Therefore, it is good option for you to make you queen in the homecoming event.

Make Up for Purple Homecoming Dresses

Say that you have your purple dress for homecoming. It is time for the best make up. Should you apply the entire purple blush onto your face? A big no! Make your face neutral light and glowing, with pearl eye shadow and purple eyeliner to make your eyes royal. Choose the best color for lips. It is adjusted to your skin tones. Sweep up you cheeks with brown and pink blush on. Voila! You are the perfect princes at the time!

Accessories for Purple Dress

You cannot go to your homecoming party only with that dress! You need a pair of high heels, bag, and some accessories. A note that if you feel your dress is quiet glowing and glamorous, you don’t need to touch up with too much accessories and handbag. Pick the simple one.

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