The Special Chinese Lanterns Wedding

Chinese Lanterns Wedding

Chinese lanterns wedding are the wedding theme which is popular now on. It is one of the best decorations especially for the wedding which is conducted on the night. Do you interested to have the Chinese lanterns for your wedding? That’s a best choice. It will be the most perfect and merry wedding ever. It will amaze all guests who come to your wedding day.

Special meaning of Chinese lanterns wedding

The lanterns have been used since many times ago for decorations in special events in China. The Chinese icon has good meaning. It will give the happiness and good hopes. It also means that for the next times, there will be many lucks, happiness, and fortunes. So, it is the best wishes that you can have for your wedding.

The history of Chinese lanterns

Do you know the history of Chinese lanterns? It is an icon that cannot be separated from Chinese celebrations especially China New Year and Cap Go Meh. Based on history, the tradition of having lanterns for decorations has been existed in China since Dynasty Xi Hian, around the 3rd century. It was appeared at the same time while people firstly knew how to make paper.

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