Wedding Sand Ceremony Process

Wedding Sand Ceremony

Wedding sand ceremony is a kind of rite that is pretty famous in United States and Europe. This is kind of ritual happens when the bride and the groom pouring the different sands from different containers to a vessel together through a funnel that is commonly made of a special paper. It is pretty sacred and most people believe that this kind of ritual has a certain impact to their marriage.

Meaning of Wedding Sand Ceremony

This rite surely has a certain meaning for people who do this. The pouring process means that the groom and bride who have different personality, start to unite and live together. It also means that the couple will share every single thing to each other, and both of them will accept those things, no matter what. Blending family is also one of the main meaning of this ceremony.

Choosing Sand Ceremony Kit

This ritual needs some tools that will be required, such as the two sand containers, a vessel and a funnel. You could buy those things in wedding store. There are many preferences that you could pick for your wedding. Their designs and prices are various. It depends on people’s tastes.

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