Wishing Well Wedding as the Gift Place

Wishing Well Wedding

Wishing well wedding is usually provided as the donation box. The guests can give the bride and groom monetary gift that will be put in that box. Besides, the guests also can give the cards containing congratulation messages, wishes and even the beautiful quotes and poems of the marriage. The box is designed like a nice well. Then, it can be a great ornament when you choose a great design for it.

Wishing Well Wedding For Guests’ Donation

If you want to provide wishing well in your wedding, you can give a note in the invitations that ask the guest to bring the gift to be put in the box. You can choose the wordings to make it more attractive. The note should tell that you need some donation for the honeymoon, to prepare the new house, or even to pay the wedding receptions. The wordings made in beautiful poem verse might be great idea.

Design Idea fFor Wishing Well

Because of it replicate the real well, the wedding’s wishing well is made of wood. If you want to have a rustic look, you can choose the shabby and dark wood. Then, if you want to make it more beautiful, you can decorate it with some flowers and ribbons.

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